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Volume 3, Part 11:

Citation X (CE750)

by Anthony Theis

orld Aircraft Sales Magazine’s asset evaluation series continues this month with a look at the super midsize Citation X. The evaluation is presented in such a way that readers can grasp meaningful, but easy to understand information on its market value history. The goal is to give our readers highly useful applications so they remain informed.
    Each featured aircraft is presented with a United States patented graph called JetTrack®. A proprietary program established in 1987, JetTrack® tracks price history, trends and transactions as a simple means to predict the value of your asset.
    JetTrack® is broken up into two separate graphs in order to give you the best logical way of determining prices and trends. The top graph represents a history of true asking prices over a ten year period or since the inception of the aircraft (these prices do not represent new OEM deliveries). The bottom graph represents how many aircraft were for sale at the beginning of the month and how many remained for sale at the end of the month.
    The clear picture between the two graphs is a linear understanding of the trends and prices. Since prices correlate with supply and demand, the graphs give you a simple understanding of the peaks and valleys. Not only can you predict the value of your asset, but you’ll also know the best time to sell or buy.
    Simple to use and uncomplicated, you stay ahead of the market with the latest pricing information that’s precise and accurate. Best of all, you'll see what happened 10 years ago, five years ago, and what to expect for the future.

This month we will focus on the Citation X because of its unique niche within the marketplace which we’ll explain in detail.
    The Citation X was categorized as a ‘super-midsize’ airplane when it was first introduced to the market - and today it still is very much a ‘super-midsize’ jet. However, the aircraft is really at the opposite end of the spectrum when you talk about other aircraft in the super-mid category, because on the one hand it lacks in

Cessna Citation X

cabin size compared to other super-midsize aircraft (including the Challenger 300, Falcon 50EX, and Gulfstream 200), but on the other hand nothing matches it in terms of speed within civil aviation, and it offers a superb range.
    Ultimately, the Citation X has become an aircraft that almost slots somewhere in between the mid and super-mid category and at a price point that makes it an attractive option when compared to some of the late model mid-size jets, including the Hawker 800XP, Citation XLS, and Lear 60.

As you’ll see in the charts (over page), from around 1999, the Citation X took a bit of a beating for those aircraft that were currently in service during that time, but it was by no means the only model to do so. In some instances, Citation X values dropped nearly 25%. Once this history had cleaned itself up, however, the Citation X seemed to find its niche, and values started to become more solid. Today, the Citation X is doing well. Nevertheless, we’ll take a look at its overall fleet value, broken up by serial-number.

S/N 1-100
Looking at the graph for this category (over page), the early Citation Xs have seen very little improvement in price since 1999. In 2006, there was a bit of a break in the downward trend when supply diminished a little, giving sellers of this aircraft a short window of opportunity.
    Through the course of its life as we can see from our graphs, though, there tends to be a higher quantity from this range for sale at any given time, with 15 for sale at one high point and 17 for sale at another.
    Most recently we’ve seen a downward trend in this serial number bracket with the supply level creeping back up toward 11 for sale. The year of make for this range spans between 1996 to 1999. We also see airframe times ranging between 2,700 hours to 9,200 hours.

S/N 101-170
In contrast to what we have been seeing in the pre-101 serial number Citation Xs, the S/N 101-170 range has proven to be more solid to the marketplace. When the entire Citation X fleet made its correction in early 2004, the